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History of scratch cards

Lottery type games have been a popular recreational activity across the globe for centuries. However, lottery scratch cards are a fairly new phenomenon. This game combines all of the enjoyable aspects of the lottery with a few distinct differences. In addition to providing the player with the option to gain access to the lottery in a matter of seconds it also provides a sense of instant gratification that is second to none.

The first version of the scratch card was invented in the 1970s by a team of computer scientists in America. This early version of the game consisted of scratch-off lottery cards and was known as The Instant Game. It was released by the Massachusetts State Lottery, however, it quickly became a popular option for other lottery providers across the United States of America.

By the time 1987 rolled around, scratch cards were one of the most common lottery games in the US. As a result, a Rhode Island based company named AstroMed Inc patented scratchcards. These cards consisted of a sheet of cardboard with an upper layer of opaque latex that covered a unique pin. Once the upper layer of latex is scratched off, it reveals your winnings. After these specially designed cards were granted the patent, they quickly became a global phenomenon.

In March of 1987, the first scratch cards were available to the public in the UK on a national level. Although these types of games were not yet available in traditional casinos, players could visit several different places to get their hands on these games. By visiting kiosks and newspaper stands, players throughout the UK were able to enjoy the rush of taking a coin and removing the thin silver layer to reveal whether or not they picked the right cards.

Although the principle behind scratchcards remained rather static, many advances kept the game new and exciting. The newest of which was the switch from traditional cards printed on paper to an online game. This made scratch cards even more accessible as the only thing that is required is a mobile phone or computer as well as a reliable internet connection. The very first online scratch cards platform was a website called PrimeScratchCards. It was released in November of 2005 as a platform that was exclusively dedicated to online lotto scratch cards.

Why casinos give out free scratch games

A popular perk of playing online is demo games. It is amazing that you can enjoy quality games until your heart’s content for free. You need not worry about how much you need to wager or any scratch card odds. The norm most times is that you pay to play. But when you are playing demo games, all that is set aside. Naturally, playing scratch games for free also means that you will win nothing. That is the trade-off. It is not the same as when you are playing using a free bonus. So why offer free games, and why should you bother with them? Read on to find out.

The online gaming industry is not a kind place. There are many competitors fighting for the same customers. This is true for slots, table games, live games, and even scratchies. There are many who have tried only to fall away as fast as they came in. So to get a fighting chance, you will find many operators offering free games. If you are interested in a game but are not sure if it is worth your effort, use the demo feature to see what’s on offer. There is a selection of the best scratch cards to play online. You can find titles from many suppliers.

Another reason you will find online gaming parlours offering free demos to customers has to do with a little psychology. Imagine you are a devoted slot or blackjack player. When you get into the lobby, your mind is on one thing, and that is your favourite game. You have no time for anything else or even want to try. The casino recognises that it is good for business and your sanity as well if you play many game varieties. So, what they do is they offer you a free reward or bonus. The catch is they present it in a scratch format. You have to scratch to reveal it. As you get used to the games, who knows, you might even try the real thing.

Understanding online scratch cards

Once you decide to try your hand at scratch cards it is common to find that the gameplay is incredibly simple. By keeping a few basic principles in mind your cards might just be the one lady luck sent your way. Yes, it’s not rocket science but it is about luck.

The first thing that you need to do is purchase your tickets. After this, you have to decide what kind of bet you are willing to place on your game. Usually, you have the option to enter your wager or you could make use of a slider or plus or minus buttons to adjust the amount you wish to bet.

Once you have placed your wager, you have two options when it comes to unveiling your results. The first, and most enjoyable, is to use your mouse to drag the virtual coin to the card and scratch off the layer on top of the results. Alternatively, most casinos offer a show results button that you can click on.

Once your results are unveiled, you discover whether or not you are going to be bringing home a fortune or if you should try again. You also have the option to make use of bonuses and special offers from your favourite casinos which dramatically improves your odds of winning or breaking even.

Traditional vs Online scratch cards

Whether you decide to play scratch cards online or traditionally, it is common to find that there is no skill involved and prior experience is not essential. Unlike poker, they do not discriminate on lack of gambling gameplay knowledge. It can be said that scratch cards are a one-size-fits-all.

Both online and traditional cards require the player to remove a layer on the card to reveal the icons underneath. When the icons on the card match the icons that your online casino has already chosen, you are declared the winner. The only difference between the two is how you discover your results. Traditional cards require you to use a coin while online scratch cards make use of your computer mouse or a virtual button to reach the end goal. If you take a look at our best casino reviews, you’ll find lots of casinos offering a wide range of online scratch cards.

Scratching on the go

It is hard to imagine online gaming and not think about mobile gameplay. Game software manufacturers are constantly creating innovative means for players to enjoy their favourite games. It is not surprising then to find the most popular scratch games claiming their place in the virtual lobby. With dozens of titles on offer, finding your perfect match will not be difficult. These scratch titles have been created by the best companies in the business. The workmanship speaks for itself, but let our guide highlight what you can expect.

Traditional scratchies are famed for bold animations and exciting fonts. In adapting the games for the small screen, developers have not lost this exuberance. The games on mobile are as lively as ever, making you want to jump right in. The latest mobile gaming technology has been used to come up with the designs you will see. The eye friendly graphics make for an entertaining pastime. Iconic scratch themes have been incorporated on the cards to ensure you identify with them easily. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because all this has been cramped into the games, then maybe your experience has been impacted negatively. To the contrary. Playing scratchies is a joy, the games are fast and responsive.

We know you are probably sold on mobile play by now, but believe us when we say that is not our intention. We aim to give a balanced look at one of the most popular games played by Brits. So, millions of people have found this game to be exciting and chances are you will too. The best online scratchcard games on mobile are a convenient way to have quick fun. You are not too invested in any strategic thinking, so it is the most ideal game for mobile.

The bonuses and unique promos are the same as you would expect online. If anything, they are better on mobile, because you have the option to claim an exclusive bonus at mobile casinos. Having access to scratchies 24/7 does however increase the risk of problem gambling.

Types of scratch cards

Generally, there are two types of scratch cards that are available to players. Those of you who are interested in playing scratch cards have the option to play web-based or download-based scratch cards.

Web-based scratch cards are generally found on your favourite online casino’s website. Once you have selected the cards that appeal to you, you can enter the game and try your luck. Scratch cards that are played on your web browser are often flash-based games that operate through the plug-ins in your browser. Usually, these games require you to have a constant connection to the internet. However, the benefit of these types of games far outweighs the risks. When players take part in web-based scratch cards they have the option to gain access to their favourite games whenever they want to play. There are often a greater variety of games available on the web-based versions.

Alternatively, players have the option to play download-based cards. In this case, players are required to visit their preferred online casino before looking for the scratch cards that appeal to them. Once a game has been chosen, the player is required to download software onto their mobile device or computer. After the software has been installed properly, players can play their scratch cards whenever they like. In many cases, players can play these games whether they have an internet connection or not. This is a great option for those players who would like to practice their scratch cards strategies before wagering real money on the game.

Although there are only two main types of cards there are many variations available for these two types of games. This means that most players can find scratch cards that appeal to their interests while being able to find new and interesting games whenever they get tired of the scratch cards that they have already played.

Bitcoin scratch cards

One of the best scratch cards  and newer cash innovations is the bitcoin scratch card. Like most other scratch card games, this version requires you to unveil the results of your cards before you find out if you have won the jackpot. The only difference between these scratch cards is the currency that is used for the gameplay.

If you decide to play traditional cards you can make deposits in a pound or two with your credit card or use a different payment method like PayPal, Boku or Payforit. However, when playing Bitcoin scratch cards, your current deposits are made in Bitcoins instead of in pounds. You may also find that these games require specific software that is targeted towards Bitcoin games. A lot of sites not on gamstop offer deposit via bitcoin when you play scratch cards online.

How to win

Players who try their hand at scratch cards may believe that they are guaranteed to win, however, this is not always the case. Before you attempt to triple your bankroll on your favourite cards it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics of the game as well as other must-know game-plans on how to win on scratch cards.

Although there are no concrete strategies for those players who would like to get the edge on winning scratch cards there are a few things that you can do to improve your odds. Firstly, it is important to take a look at the specific game that you would like to play. The odds and payout statistics make a significant impact on whether you win or lose.

Players also find that the funds that they have available to them affects their gameplay. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on your money at all times. However, it can be difficult to keep a tight fist on your funds once you are on a roll. This is where special offers like no deposit scratch cards or free online scratch cards come into play. These offer you the opportunity to win the best prizes without impacting your bankroll.

Keep in mind, that at the end of the day, there’s no winning strategy in the actual game-play of an online scratch card. If you’re looking for a more strategy-based online casino game, why not try blackjack at live casinos? It’s one of the most popular casino games in the world, and there are plenty of interesting strategy based decisions you have to make during game play. in our Blackjack section, you an find lots of useful strategy information, and also a list of casinos that let you play blackjack online free, to learn the game before you start playing for real money.

Choose the right version

One of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing cards is the variety of games you are going to play. When it comes to how to win on scratch cards UK, you need to decide whether you are going to play a web-based or download-based game. More often than not you find that web-based games provide you with a slightly higher chance of winning. This is because there are a greater variety of scratch cards available to you as well as the option to play live. Live scratch cards are often associated with a higher payout value as the risks are considerably higher as opposed to playing download-based games that you can take part in at your leisure.

Another key factor that all players should take into consideration when trying to select winning scratch cards is their odds for winning. Due to the wide variety of available scratch cards, there is a wider range of odds that determine whether or not you are going to win that specific game. Therefore, it is crucial to take your time before you start playing scratch cards UK, that way you have more than enough time to research the game and find the version that offers you the best chance of winning. By taking your time, you are also providing yourself with the opportunity to find cards that have a reasonably good payout rate, which means that all of the money that you invest in the game has a chance of bringing you the best winnings.

Keep an eye on your bankroll

If you start playing scratch cards you may be tempted to buy scratch cards online whenever they come your way. However, this is a big mistake that may keep you from winning big. Instead, it is a good idea to compare your casino balance with the price of the scratch cards so that you can choose the best scratch cards to help you win. Often it may seem like a good idea to use all of your money to purchase cheaper cards, however, the payout on these are often quite low which makes it seem less worthwhile. These affordable scratch cards are a great option for those players who would like to practice the game. Spend a few pounds on these affordable tickets but save the rest of your money for the big-ticket scratch cards.

Once you are comfortably familiar with scratch cards after a few practice rounds, you can shell out a little more dosh on more expensive online scratch cards UK. If you are really lucky you may even be able to win after using a ticket. Plan ahead and make sure that you have enough money in your casino account to buy a few more cards that have high odds for winning as well as a good payout rate.

Look for bonuses

Although it is a good idea to make sure that you have some funds in your casino account at all times, it is not the end of the world if you do run out of money. Just like with online slots UK no deposit free bonus offers, there are many promotions available that you can use for scratch card games. Several bonuses help you keep your name in the game for as long as possible.

If you are looking for the best scratch cards to win on UK you should look for the best no deposit bonus offers. These types of bonuses often award players with a cash sum that can be used on the scratch cards of their choice. However, the true beauty of these types of bonuses is the fact that you are not required to put any money into your casino account to gain access to them. This means that you can use the rewards from your scratch cards bonus even if you are not able to make a bonus straight away. If you receive a no-deposit bonus, it is important to keep in mind that there may be certain wagering requirements that may prevent you from gaining access to your winnings immediately. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a look at the terms and conditions offered by your online casino before you accept any bonuses that are offered to you. That way there are no disappointments if you do win that big cash prize.

Are you looking for other types of bonuses as well? is the premier bonus guide for casino play in the UK. Here you’ll find promotions for all types of games. If you’re a slots fan, you can check out our list of free slots no deposit no card details win real money offers!

Enjoy free online scratch card games

Another great option for players who would like to maximise their chance of winning when they play these types of games is the free scratch cards no deposit option. These scratch cards offer you the opportunity to get to know the intricacies of the game without costing you any money. Many brand new casinos offer some great bonuses to players that sign up.

Although these are a fun gaming option for those of you who would like to learn more about how the game is played it is important to keep a few key things in mind before you get too invested in the game. Because these cards are free, it is rather likely that may not be able to keep your winnings as the game is operated on a virtual basis. There are exceptions to every rule so check the wagering requirements of a game before you decide to play there.

Scratch card focused promotions are not as common as free spins no deposit 2022 uk offers, unfortunately. But if you spend some time researching you should be able to find some good offers.

Why play scratch cards?

There are countless reasons why you should look for the best scratch cards to buy UK. If you have ever experienced the rush of going to your local newspaper stand, picking your scratch cards before using a spare coin to scratch off the surface, you understand why people across the globe are attracted to scratch cards online. Not only is the game simple enough for beginners to learn but it also provides players with ample opportunities to win a significant amount of money.

It’s a relatively simple gaming opportunity

People who play scratchies online often find that there is a wide range of benefits. However, the most significant is the simplicity of the gameplay. You don’t have to be concerned about learning any complicated rules as you are only required to choose the scratch cards that you would like to play with before clicking a button. Compared to trying your luck at the online roulette wheel, scratch cards requires a lot let learning and knowledge of the game.

If you are interested in broadening your knowledge about new scratch cards there are several things you could look at. This includes payout rates, return to player ratios as well as probabilities. However, none of this is essential.

Odds for winning are reasonable

Although the results of scratch cards are calculated to be completely fair and 100% random, you are more likely to win these types of games than any other instant lottery-type game. This is particularly true when playing the live versions of these scratch cards. In these cases, you are only competing with a small handful of people for the jackpot as opposed to people from right across the world.

Your odds may be higher when playing scratch, it is important to note that your probability for winning is determined according to the specific game that you are going to be playing. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at the odds before you select cards.

You could win big

Players who are big fans of scratch cards often state that the best part of playing these online games is the astounding amount of money that you can win.

Generally, payouts are determined according to the payout table set up by the online casino. Players can expect their winnings to be determined according to the number of matches that they get after unveiling their results. Therefore, players who get three matches on their scratch cards get more money than players who only have a single match.

It’s a low-cost game

Finally, players who regularly take part in casino games involving scratchies believe that the affordability of these types of games is what keeps them coming back. With only a few pounds in your casino account, you can purchase multiple scratch cards that could result in significant winnings.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for variation once you buy scratch cards. You have the option to select scratch cards that do not cost a lot of money or you could purchase high-value cards that offer a large payout should you get a winning match.

Scratch card variations

Scratchcards offer players a wide range of flexibility, you have the option to play your favourite scratch cards on the casino website or you could download these games and play. You also have the option to choose a specific game that appeals to your tastes, whether you like a traditional theme or you are looking for something a little more exciting there are scratch cards that fit your exact mood.

In addition to choosing the specific platform that you would like to play on, there are other opportunities for customisation when playing scratch cards. This involves the amount of money you spend per ticket. Players have the option to select low-value scratch cards that provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the game. Alternatively, players can spend more to win an even higher payout.

Finally, you have the option to choose another aspect of the game that improves the overall level of fun you are likely to have when playing scratch cards. This decision revolves around whether you would like to play the conventional online version or the live version of this game.


The live version has taken the online casino world by storm. In this variation of the game, players join an online game with other players in real-time. These players have the option to communicate with other members of the game before they place their bets.

Once all bets are placed and the results of all of the players cards is revealed the payouts are made and the game is closed. Generally, the payouts for these games are determined by the number of players as well as the wagers that are placed throughout the game.


Gambling enthusiasts who opt for the more conventional online variation of these games are given access to games on both a mobile and desktop platform. They also have the option to download the software or play their favourite games on their internet browsers.

The payouts for these kinds of scratch cards are usually set by the casino. However, it is possible to find games with a progressive payout. These kinds of games have a total winning amount that increases each time a player places a bet on the game.

Scratch cards pros and cons


  • You can play online scratch cards even if you do not have much experience as the game is relatively simple.
  • All you need is a basic understanding of the odds of the game as well as an idea of how much money you are willing to put down on the game.
  • These types of games do not cost a lot of money, which means you can play even if your budget is limited.
  • There are many different bonuses available including casino no deposit bonus offers that help you play without requiring you to use your own money.
  • You have the option to access these games from any location at any time.
  • You can try your luck with scratch cards on your favourite online casino’s website or you can download the relevant software and play whenever the mood strikes.


  • Several wagering requirements could prevent you from gaining access to your winnings immediately.
  • Players who take part in free games are unlikely to be allowed to withdraw their winnings.
  • You have the potential to become addicted to scratch cards due to the simplicity of their use.
  • Cheaper scratch games often have a lower payout rate, which forces you to spend more money on higher-value games if you would like to win big.
  • Not as visually captivating as slot machine games.

Playing scratch cards safely

Every gambler is always on the hunt for a big payday. If you are into scratchies like us, nothing gets you going as the thought of landing that big scratchcard win. You have probably already picked out the outfit you are going to wear when they come with the big cheque. While positive thinking is a glorious thing, we cannot ignore the dangers associated with gambling addiction. It would be reckless for us to tell you about all the niceties of this game and then neglect to highlight the potential pitfalls. We are experts and would not do that. We will do you one better, in this guide, we will tell you also how you can play safely.

If you look online or ask any group of avid scratch “gurus,” you realise that there are a lot of theories out there. It seems almost everyone is trying to shove the best way on how to win at scatchies down your throat. Little or no regard is placed on safety by these self-appointed aficionados. Our advice is to take whatever they say with a grain of salt. Instead of focusing on finding non-existent strategies, implement the information that you will get here to play safe.

You need to have a budget on how much you will spend on new cards. It does not matter whether you are playing online or walking over to the local supermarket to buy your favourite scratch-it cards. You need to set a limit on your budget and stick to it. It is easy to get excited when you are on a winning run. It’s easier still to chase losses when things are not going your way. No matter which side of lady luck you find yourself, do not exceed what you have allocated for that period. Have the presence of mind to realise the cards will be there tomorrow. Also, if the winner is yours, you will get it anyway.