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The roulette table and wheel

Expert online roulette players understand the rationale of the game and appreciate the balanced nature of the wheel. The European and French online roulette wheel consists of 37 compartments numbering from 1 to 36 and one green zero pockets. However, the American version has 00 and 0 parallel to each other.

The numbers run in a clockwise progression around the wheel. The red and black numbers on the wheel always alternate and apart from 5 and 10, you will not see a high number next to a low number. The order in which the numbers are placed on the wheel does not correlate with their mathematical value.

Two compartments next to each other will always have different colours. You will never find more than two odd or even numbers next to each other. The online roulette table will show the outside and inside bets and the colours of these bets will be the same as those numbers on the wheel.

There are a few bets on online roulette that are not based on the design of the table, but the design of the wheel. These are ‘announced’ or ‘call’ bets. The third kind of bet, ‘neighbours’ bet, players bet on 5 sequential numbers on the wheel.

Roulette bonuses and promotions

Now, getting a free roulette bonus is not as straightforward as you may think. There are numerous offers online promising all sorts of goodies to players, but most of these are game specific. The winner in most instances, are slot games. But does this mean roulette players cannot get promotions suited to them? No, it does not. It does, however, require a more deliberate effort if you are to get the best online roulette UK bonuses. With this guide, you have made a fantastic start. You will learn the ins and outs of this game and what a great roulette bonus offer looks like.

So what are your options? Well, the first one is easy. Some gambling platforms refer to it as the welcome bonus and others as the first deposit bonus. It is just an online roulette bonus extended to new players only. Online operators are in the business of dishing out these freebies whenever they are trying to lure new customers. When claiming this bonus, get the one offering bonus funds instead of free spins. Spins will only work when you are playing slot machine games. You can also get a free roulette bonus no deposit. You will usually get this one when gambling platforms are pushing a new game or as, again, an incentive for signing up.

Roulette online UK players are treated to weekly promotions. This is another reason to start playing this game. These offers come in many shapes and forms. The best online roulette UK casinos make sure there is always something up for grabs for existing players. So on various days of the week players receive roulette free bet bonuses or cashback bonus roulette offers. Before you claim any of these promos, it is important to note the fine print. All bonuses have restrictions of which you need to take note. These will determine the ease with which bonus funds are converted to real cash.

Other types of roulette bets

Players can appreciate the fact that without knowing the betting options, chances of success are minimised. Where you place your bets on a roulette table can mean the difference between earning 36 times the bet or 3 times.

Announced bets

These types of bets are very common and popular in French and European roulette online. They are also known in the UK online roulette game by their French names. Announced bets are wagers on various betting combinations. One of these online roulette announced bets is called Jeu Zero also known as the Zero Game. The wager covers three numbers adjoining the zero section on the wheel. It is a four-piece bet with one straight bet on number 26. And 3 split bets on 0 and 3, 12 and 15, and 32 and 35.

Inside bets

The European online roulette table consists mainly of the numbers 0 to 36 and the rest is divided into different sections used to place wagers on red or black, odd or even, columns and dozens and numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. When you place an online roulette bet on the actual numbers, these are called inside bets. There are seven types of inside bets:

  • Straight bet – is when a player bets on a single number with a 36:1 ratio.
  • Street bet /transversale plein – the player places a bet which covers 3 numbers and offers a winning ratio of 11:1
  • Split bet –  a player bets on two adjoining numbers on the table. The chip is placed on the shared line of the squares corresponding to those two numbers and ratio of 17:1
  • A trio be – is based on the bet being placed on two numbers around zero with a win ratio of 11:1. The chip is placed on the line shared by the zero section and the other two numbers.
  • A basket bet/five number bet –  is a wager on 00 0,1,2 and 3 with the chip placed on the corner shard by the zero section and the first line. It is more common in American online roulette with payouts of 6:1
  • A corner/ square bet –  the player places their bet on the axis of four numbers and it’s winning ratio is 8:1
  • The six-line bet –  is a wager on two adjoining lines. In this type of bet, place the chip on the base of the shared central line of the numbers.

Outside bets

These are the bets the most commonly used in a variety of strategies as they comprise of all the elements on the online roulette table. Players can bet on red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36 with an expected winning ratio of 2:1. Other outside bets include the columns or dozens where the expected payout ratio is 3:1

In some roulette online games, there is another bet available that is considered an outside bet, but this type of bet is only possible in certain variations of online roulette. This bet is called the snake and it covers 12 numbers with the placement of the chips which organically forms a snake-like shape where the name is derived. The ratio is 2:1, which is the same as making a bet on the other outside bets of the same ratio.

Choosing which bet to make

While online roulette can be seen as an entertaining pastime, the goal for most players is to learn how to win at roulette by the way they play online roulette for real money. After all, players are investing their money into gambling on this casino game and wanting something in return for their time is only natural. Choosing your bets is the only way you can make this happen and the online roulette strategy you employ will be a determining factor. However, the RTP (return to player) is also a powerful pull factor.

Outside bets that include the red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36 have an even return. That means if you bet 1 chip on any of these sections then you are going to get 1 chip back as profit. Dozen and column bets have a 3 times payout where if you bet 1 chip, you get 2 chips as profit. More players prefer gaining a bit more bang for their money when playing online roulette and straight-up number bets are always the ideal roulette online choice. It all boils down to what you know and how you implement the knowledge to your advantage.

Digital or physical roulette games

Online gaming refers to two forms of roulette. We need to define these before reviewing if they are better than land-based alternatives. Players online can either be playing on the live or virtual format of the game. Virtual roulette uses random number generators to come up with the results of the game. It uses animated displays to communicate with the player. Many players like virtual roulette because you can get roulette free bonus offers and also play in demo games. The live roulette no deposit bonus is exclusive to the live lobby. Here you are using a streaming service to play with human dealers in real-time.

So are there any differences from when you are playing in a real casino? Yes, there are. We have already discussed the free play roulette no deposit bonuses available when you play online. These tend to be bigger and better online than on land-based platforms. You get a better deal because virtual chip and dice joints are not burdened with huge operating costs. They can afford to be generous. Online platforms are the only place you can enjoy demo games. So if you have a new strategy that you want to try out or are looking to pass the time, the virtual lobby is where you want to be. 

This guide would be disingenuous if it did not highlight positive aspects of playing real roulette games. Beyond the casino no deposit bonus roulette offers, there are some areas which make you appreciate the real stuff. Do not get us wrong free roulette no deposit bonuses are great, but little comes close to matching the raw excitement surrounding an actual table. Live game suppliers have tried to recreate this ambiance online, but to no avail. It is a unique characteristic of the game that you only feel and experience when you are on the brick and mortar game floor. Some players have a negative view of online play. A while back there were numerous outcries on how roulette might be rigged. When you are looking the dealer in the face, chatting them up, such imaginations fade away.

Online roulette game categories

Just like with online slot machines, that have loads of different variations such a classic slots, videoslots and jackpot slots, the game of Roulette has also evolved in to many different variants. As a dedicated player of roulette online, you are likely to find that choosing which table to play is important. Not only will your casino account deposit influence the decision, but also whether or not you want to join in the fun offered by tables with a live dealer. We’ve laid out the 3 common types of roulette game categories that all online roulette games fall into.

High stakes games

High stakes online roulette has higher value chips as minimum bet placement. Depending on the casino where you are playing online roulette, you are likely to have a starting bet of ten pounds. This means that your initial bankroll will have to be higher because at this minimum 100 pounds are not going to get you many turns, especially if you plan on using the doubling strategies. Due to this, it becomes increasingly important for players to play carefully, because the winnings may be high, but so are the losses. However, this online roulette game adds a higher level of excitement for the experienced player because they understand that if you are not careful, the house edge comes into play sooner rather than later.

Low stakes games

Online roulette is one of the many casino games that does not discriminate according to the depth of your pockets. However, if you feel that you prefer the squirrel approach to play, where gains are better accumulated slow and steady then the low stakes roulette caters for this. Bets have a smaller minimum requirement such as 10p. Other casinos also offer starting bets as low as 1p, stretching that tenner to provide a few more rounds of play. Although building the bankroll this way can seem tedious, it is often a better way, especially if you are not sure which strategies are best to apply to your roulette online game. Unlike a live roulette game where you are at the mercy of the wheel, low stakes roulette RNG version results can be obtained by clicking either instant or quick spin. Some casinos even offer Roulette variants as free casino games, where you can try them out as a demo, without actually betting any real money.

Live online roulette

Players are now veering toward live roulette as it offers more in the way of a reality-based experience. Not only do you not have to travel to and from a casino establishment, but they can play wherever and whenever they feel like – affectionately dubbed the 24/7 casino. However, to oil your game agility, it’s often advisable to practice by playing roulette online free play. Naturally, this is the RNG version, so you won’t be playing the live online roulette.

Live roulette online is streamed from various locations depending on the software company the casino chooses to use for their games. The quality is high HD and cameras are angled to provide a full view of both the table and roulette wheel. As part of the GDPR data regulations are adhered to along with providing players with updated cybersecurity.

As a live and real time game, roulette online offers players a platform where they can engage with other players including the croupier. This keeps the atmosphere as realistic as possible and is part of the online roulette experience. However, the notable difference is that players are likely to find it to be a speedy game as the process of placing your bets on online roulette can be pretty fast. This often allows less time to implement any strategies, which can be stressful for players who prefer to take their time when they play roulette online and think through which move to make next. To try live roulette our today, simply use our list of online live casino sites and pick out a suitable operator.

Another downside to the game is Internet connection and loss of it during an online roulette game session can be frustrating. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that if you are playing using your mobile data you have at least 3G reception. Your home internet connection must also be stable to experience the best online roulette gameplay.

Playing roulette mobile

Most online games are making the leap to mobile. This is primarily in response to the demands from various players for versatile gaming solutions that fit into their schedules. You can do a lot on mobile these days. You can even claim a free roulette no deposit required bonus and play your favourite game. Many games software manufacturers have responded to the call for content in this category. There are many virtual roulette titles compatible with the mobile lobby. You will also find entertaining live roulette games on display. The best way to enjoy your experience here is to get your live roulette no deposit bonus and let loose.

When you land in the games lobby, the first thing that will strike you is the number of options at your disposal. There are many forms of roulette that players can enjoy. Game software manufacturers have adapted these variants. Now mobile roulette enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, the problem is no longer the lack of quality roulette games to play. It is, rather, the conundrum of selecting just one to get stuck into first. With the help of a generous roulette free play no deposit offer, you can enjoy the very best of mobile gameplay. The game software developers have created games which offer stunning graphics and crisp audio. You will enjoy spinning the wheel on your mobile.

Player opinion varies on many aspects in an online casino, but one point of consensus is the advantage of playing on mobile. Sure, you can get a roulette free bet no deposit bonus even when you are playing on your desktop online. But pick for yourself how you would want to use it; in the park enjoying the fresh air or locked inside staring at walls the entire day. It makes the case clear, when you compare playing roulette on a mobile casino uk and in land-based outfits. The convenience of carrying your roulette bonus no deposit game with you to enjoy when you want is priceless.

Online roulette software developers

It’s not unusual to find casinos proudly displaying their software developers logos as there is a marketing reason behind this flashy display. These are the kings that create online roulette and other casino games to the market and offer more than sophisticated coding or imagination captivating graphics. So yes, you are going to hear a lot about these companies because their award-winning status means that you are getting online roulette games that are both secure and honest. Players can also expect to enjoy new variations of roulette online that include lightening roulette, multi-ball roulette, pinball roulette and other interesting hybrids.


Playtech is one of the most well known and respected online casino software developers and not just for the competitive edge and technological advantage they give players. Their impressive variety of games appeal to many casinos and their multifunctional platforms aren’t lagging behind either. The online roulette game they provide standout as being creative, enjoyable, and polished. Apart from the standard variants of online roulette, they provide others such as 3D roulette, video roulette, pinball roulette and mini roulette. These games always offer features that can be customised for the online roulette players enjoyment as well as offering options such as hot and cold numbers, auto spin and statistics. Playtech provides RNG roulette, live roulette and is adaptable to various gaming devices including mobile, tablet and PC. In our online casino reviews, you’ll find all the UK licensed Playtech casinos available.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is synonymous with live casino games. They are undeniably the market leaders in their industry with their cutting edge live casino platform. They are the recipients of the Online Casino Supplier of the Year award, which confirms their status as market leaders in the live casino industry. Their live online roulette games feature advanced HD quality streaming and numerous camera angles. Evolution Gaming offers the classic online roulette games but also provide players with a large selection of roulette variants which include double ball roulette and lightning roulette. They have VIP games that cater to high rollers and even offer a language option for their players, called native speaking roulette where you can choose which language you would like the dealer to speak. Another offering from them, immersive roulette won the EGR game of the year award. Roulette games developed by Evolution Gaming are staples in many casinos, along with their blackjack online free games.


NetEnt is a highly respected software developer amongst market players. The company was launched in Scandinavia and their vision has always been to reinvent and inspire growth in the online gaming market. The company has received awards for its high-quality games and impressive leading-edge graphics. The company offers a smaller range of titles  in the online roulette sector. In particular, their roulette online games features superb visual quality and titles include roulette advanced, live casino roulette along with American, European and French roulette. The roulette online games also feature options such as autoplay, quick spin and bet tracker. They are however, more known for their excellent range of online slots. If you want to try them, you can find plenty of online slots no deposit bonus offers right here at!


Microgaming has consistently grown its gaming portfolio, which now numbers over 1000. This is of course not just Roulette games, but also includes slots, videopoker as well as some of the best scratch cards online on the market. They are best known for their huge portfolio of RNG games. They offer the usual types of online roulette with added multiplayer games and multi-wheel roulette, giving players an extra-dimensional play option and experience. Their free online roulette game list has appealing titles that consist of premier roulette, premier roulette diamond and the multi-games. Microgaming’s new generation of online roulette games was introduced in 2019 featuring an updated contemporary design with realistic ball movements and a 3D wheel.

In addition to this, Microgaming also has some of the best online slots UK on the market. In our Slots-section, you can find up to 10 free slots offers on casinos that offer the Microgaming slot library!

Roulette strategies

On the casino table, you have to remember that if lady luck is smiling, keep her happy by walking away sooner rather than later. This is how to play roulette like a smart professional and not a naive rookie. No player can ever predict where the ball is going to land, especially since there is hardly any natural logic to the online roulette UK game. For example, a sequence of 21 blacks can appear in a row and if you are using a doubling strategy where red is expected to appear sooner rather than later, it becomes inevitable that losses will occur or you will reach the table limit.

While you cannot rely on roulette online to be logical, you can still employ a collection of useful strategies so that at least your  online roulette gameplay has some semblance of structure. The trick is to alternate between strategies so that you don’t go into the zone where you are on auto-pilot making you more susceptible to losses. It’s your way of respecting the simple rules of how to win at online roulette without getting too flustered or frustrated. Here are a few online roulette strategies used in roulette online game. However, a word to the wise –  these are flawed and should be employed with caution.


The online roulette martingale strategy relies on betting patterned advance where the player doubles his original bet after a losing round. The idea is to win back the amount lost. Players may believe that a black number is due after a series of red numbers have appeared, namely

the gamblers or Monte Carlo fallacy. This strategy relies on the belief that something is likely to happen more often than not as in, after red, there will always be black. This eventuality is the reason most players tend to avoid this strategy because even though you double up, you will only win back your initial 2:1 payout unless you are playing columns or dozens or numbers.

Reverse martingale

The reverse martingale system is exactly that. You double your original online roulette bet when you win rather than when you lose. The idea is that you will receive increased winnings and limit your losses if you have a few losing rounds.


The D’Alembert System is probably less of a risk than the Martingales strategies, in that you only increase your bet by one instead of doubling it. This is an even chance betting system so you place your bet on a colour, odd or even numbers, or high or a low number. The thinking behind this strategy is that you increase the bet by one after a loss and decrease the bet by one after a win. Then if you have as many wins as losses, you will make a profit.

Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence uses a unique sequence of numbers: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610. These numbers are derived from adding the last two digits and applying them to your strategy. You could make a profit by losing more games than you win. However, this strategy has a huge downside. The further you go down the sequence of numbers, the more money you lose.

James Bond

The James Bond Strategy requires a hefty investment, which means you have to dig into your pockets to deposit 200 pounds into account for your online roulette game. The premise of this betting strategy is pretty straightforward as you place an outside bet of 140 covering (19-36). The rest of the money is distributed between placing 10 to covering the zero and 50 on a 6line bet between 13-18. Some players prefer to opt for a £1 bet when using this system to test whether a table is hot or cold, namely using £20 instead of 200.

Roulette tips for profitable gameplay

It can be extremely frustrating to know how to proceed successfully in your online roulette gameplay. It’s easy to imagine the big wins when you are playing live online roulette as you see the winnings amassed by other players. The smarter you play, the better your chances are of staying abreast the house edge, which unfortunately is a reality and not a myth.

Gradually build your bankroll

There are a few things to turn the odds in your favour. Bet small – yes, it seems easier on paper but can be very challenging when applied on a roulette online game. The idea behind this is to accept the smaller payout ratios or x1 or x3. Your money can stretch so far and envying other wins only lead to frustrations. Set yourself a realistic target when playing, such as aiming for a tenner. In online roulette, this is achievable with a few spins, even on a 10p minimum bet table. Why a gradual build? Well, as they say, Rome was never built in one day and if you want to cash out, it’s best to train your patience and review your mood when in the zone. Keep in mind to also check that the casino you’re about to sign up to offers the payment methods you want to use. Most casinos offer payments with credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, along with Neteller and Skrill. But if you ‘re looking to pay with your phone, it can be worth doing some research in order to find pay by mobile casino sites.

Use the promotions

Veteran online casino players will be familiar with the welcome bonus that is often given to new players. Most casinos opt for the deposit match or free spins no deposit bonus. The latter applies to the slots. If you enjoy playing online roulette then using the deposit match which can be 100% or more could be an option of gaining extra dosh or as an alternate way to play roulette online free. However, these do come with strings attached as you are required to meet certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw. Like any contract, you do need to make sure you download and read the terms & conditions.

Did you know that you can find plenty of great offers in our bonus section? Have a look through it today and chose from lots of great Roulette offers, along with no deposit bonus slots. We also have a section for no UK licensed casinos, if you’re looking for even bigger bonuses and free spins. Check out our slots not on gamstop guide for the best offers available.

Alternate your strategies

Strategies are not a guarantee winning method and even if they are hyped up to make you believe they are. Consider any strategy as an assistant with flaws, pitfalls and losses. Online roulette is not a get rich quick scheme and you should focus on playing like a professional by alternating the strategies. For example, you can use the online roulette James Bond strategy for one round, then alternate it to the d’alembert etc. Also if free roulette online tactics are not working, change it midway and don’t stick to and avoid doubling yourself out of money.

Don’t be greedy

Most players win a few good rounds, make a profit and fall into the spiral of greed by trying to squeeze lady luck just a little bit more. Strangely enough, no matter how many times they tell themselves they are going to stop, they don’t. Remember, you play on online roulette and all you have to do is turn off your device, go to the shops or turn on the telly. If you’ve made a tenner then it’s a tenner more than you had before. The challenge is to stick to your decided gameplay profits. This discipline will see you earning that required reward.

Let go of the losses

Players who chase losses are not new in the roulette online playing scene. The term chasing losses was coined for exactly this, where a player believes that they can recoup their losses. If you are in this frame of mind, then the house has won. That is due to the equation that is formulated by this action which is, the more you chase losses results in longer playtime which equates to increased losses. It’s no different to a dog chasing its tail. As Elsa would say ‘Let it go!’ and save enough to play another day.

Take a break

It might seem like a cliche, but taking a break during your games allows you to avoid emotional fuelled losses due to exhaustion. Fortunately, a reputable casino website is once associated with having the players interest at heart by incorporating a session timer option that players can use. This makes it easier for you to set how long you wish to play and are alerted when this time is up. It can also be a good idea to mix your Roulette playing in with a more relaxed game, like slot machines or just trying out a couple of blackjack sites. You can check out our new UK casino free spins sections for some great offers on these games. Online roulette is an emotional game and it is not surprising that many players get frustrated when experiencing too many losses. It’s best not to also play every day, otherwise, the obsession can easily turn into an addiction.