Play Live Casino Games At UK Licensed Casinos

Live Casino Promotions

There are always promotions being offered by casinos, as one offer draws to an end, another will be advertised. These player enticing promotions are either set for new players or patrons of that specific live casino UK. Here are 3 types of promotions that most players come across at one point or another.

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Welcome bonuses

Casinos offer a free live casino no deposit bonus UK when you join up, which means that you do not have to deposit to play. Along with a new casino no deposit bonus, players are also given a deposit match where funds deposited are then matched with a certain percentage. Naturally, this capped to a certain amount and comes with certain terms and conditions which must be adhered to make a withdrawal from your live casino UK game winnings. As a business, an online live casino UK wants to turn your curious visit into an actual sign up.These live casino welcome bonuses are generally geared toward new players.

Cash drops

These are usually small amounts of money, that the casino credits to your account during a live casino promotion, which is often done immediately. Other forms of this promotion are found the casino site or by notifying players via email or text. It’s another way of attracting players to the live casino games by surprising them with a pound or two for free.

No deposit spins and bonuses

There is a live casino no deposit offer that gives you online slots no deposit free spins as part of a wider promotion offer. Apart from playing for free, no deposit bonuses allow you to test out a new live casino without feeling compelled to commit. You can use the bonuses to improve your skills, try out various live casino table games like poker or baccarat.

Getting started with live casino play

New players entering the live casino scene are bound to feel apprehensive and overwhelmed. As most new casinos 2022 offer live games, there are plenty of casinos to choose from. The speed with which some of these games, especially roulette are played is often the cause of this reaction. Unlike RNG games where you can take your time and methodically place your bets, on a live casino game, you only have mere seconds before the betting window is closed. This leaves you little time to consider which strategy you would like to employ. As a novice player, it’s best to sit back and watch a few game sessions, while also thinking about how you intend on placing your bets. Ideally, you will have played a few computer-generated games before going into a live casino UK area. Use a small bet table such as a 20p one to get a feel of the rhythm set by the specific live casino game. But, it’s also good to know what games a live casino can offer.

Finding the right casino to play at can be a bit hard, but always has the latest and best online casino reviews available to you as a player!. Start there and see what you can find.

Most of our casinos are licensed in the UK but if you can’t play at UK licensed casinos – for example if you’re not based in the UK – you can still find casinos that will accept you in our list of casinos not on gamstop self exclusion.

Choosing the best live casinos

It’s important to shop around a bit before you settle for a baccarat UK betting site. However, the live dealer gaming scene is a real minefield for new players and even some experienced bettors who’d previously focused more on RNG games. A virtually unlimited number of live blackjack online websites operators are always bringing out their biggest guns to get players to sign up. Separating the gems from plain rocks can prove to be a challenge for newbies. A valid license from a reputable regulator is a must-have for any online betting parlour. Awards and independent auditors also provide extra validation, especially to lesser-known brands. Browsing through a few of our reviews will usually highlight the general studio atmosphere and dealer or croupier demeanour. 

Without a wide range of games like live hold ‘em poker, blackjack, baccarat, and more, a gaming parlour is less competitive. The house edge on the available games also makes a lot of difference, as you’ll most likely want to get the best winning chances. It’s easy to get too hung up on the old and familiar names in live dealer gaming, but some up and coming alternatives may offer you more bang for your buck. Another point to look out for is the site’s performance on mobile devices and lower-speed internet.

Before you learn how to play roulette UK, you may want to start by visiting gaming platforms with demo mode games. If you can start off your live dealer gaming journey with a set of generous bonuses, you may very well get beginner’s luck without risk. Virtual chip and dice joints with match or no deposit offers allow customers to get significantly more mileage with their funds. The bonus terms and conditions are also as important as the magnitude of the bonus.

Online live casino UK types

Just as there’s a hodgepodge of RNG games, online casino live games best UK operators offer games in different settings and configurations. Experienced players usually have a set preference, but new players may sometimes struggle to find their strongest points. Let us distil the game types and help you choose the best type for your needs. If you’ve just come to the party and would like to check out every game without breaking the bank, then low stakes online blackjack real money tables may be your best choice. Most gambling sites allow customers to fund their accounts with micro-deposits and play games on a limited budget. You can even transfer amounts as low as £3 and place 10p bets to improve your skills and gain confidence. 

If you have enough experience, a massive bankroll, or ideally both, you should most likely go for high stakes blackjack and other live dealer games. Unlike most RNG alternatives, live roulette UK games have more flexible upper table limits and allow players to wager as much as £25,000. Players can, therefore, use progressive roulette strategies without worrying about prematurely reaching the table limit. You also have a higher chance of getting VIP promotions to boost your bankroll and extend your staking power. You, however, may need to verify the banking limits, payment options, and the house advantage on different games before putting your money on the line.

Every bit of live gaming excitement is magnified when you’re playing at a new live dealer chip and dice joints. These sites aren’t scared to offer super-generous bonuses, and have cutting-edge technologies that adventurous players can enjoy on the cheap. You may soon even be able to squeeze and peek at your live blackjack UK cards while you play using augmented reality. However, since most of these digital gambling dens don’t yet have strong track records, you may have to check a few reviews and do your due diligence before you sign up.

Live casino games

Streaming technology makes it easier for casinos to offer players a selection of live casino games such as roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, sic bo and others, with an actual dealer using real cards, balls and dice. The included chat function makes it easier for players to engage with dealers and other players in real-time. A live casino UK melds together the associative live play and social interaction of gaming with others where wins, frustrations and comradery are shared with equal gusto. Live casino games are offered by many a top-rated live casino UK.

Live Poker

Within the UK, the most popular live casino UK game is poker. This can be attributed to the rise in popularity of Vegas poker tournaments where UK player like Victoria Coren Mitchell, Dave Ulliot and Liv Boeree are among the few internationally recognised poker professionals.

Knowing that winning thousands is possible by simply playing strategically on this card game is the reason many players are willing to try their hand at a live casino. Information and strategies are available for the various versions which do include seven-card stud poker, Chinese poker, Omaha poker and deuce to seven triple draw.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat, very popular in casinos on live casino UK can be played alone or with other players. Baccarat was the first live casino game to be developed and has become a huge hit on the live casino UK scene. On live casino UK sites, the dealer deals the cards to you and the banker’s hand. You then bet on which hand you think will win, either yours or the banker’s hand.

You are then dealt two more cards and the banker hand also gets two more cards. Whichever hand is closer to nine is the winning hand. To determine the hand closest to nine, the cards are given values. Aces are worth one point, tens and face cards, zero and the rest of the numbered cards are worth their actual numbered value.

Live Roulette

This live casino game is played the same way as the online RNG version and often the Europen table with the single zero is used. Live casino roulette is not a card game but more of what some term as a numbers game. Players can bet on straight numbers along with side, middle and bottom bets.

On a live casino UK, the atmosphere is further enhanced by the speed in which the bets are placed. Time is of the essence as the betting window is just a few seconds. Again, the game rules and the other strategies can easily be found and read before playing, especially if you are unfamiliar on how to play roulette.

Various roulette game versions come in the form of, immersive roulette, lightning roulette, speed roulette, Ra roulette, prestige roulette and lucky lady roulette to name but a few. Naturally, the type of software company used by the live casino will determine which version is made available to the players. Check out our Roulette section, where we continuously update the page with the latest online roulette free offers!

Live Blackjack

Apart from live casino UK poker, live casino blackjack is probably the most popular casino game played today. Just to be clear, we are not referring to the UK ‘crazy eights’ game here. This is the other version of blackjack also well known as 21 and is available on live casino UK sites.

As with live casino UK Baccarat, this is a game that can be played with others at the same time. You will be playing against the dealer but you have the option of socialising with your fellow players as well.

Your goal when playing live casino UK blackjack is to obtain a hand of cards with a total value as close to twenty-one as possible. The numbered cards two through to nine have equivalent values, face cards are worth ten points and an Ace is worth one or eleven based on your requirement to meet the goal of 21. An ace and other of the 10 point cards is blackjack and has a better payout than the 1:1 ratio for winning against the dealer.

Live Sic bo

Sic bo was popularised when Chinese immigrants brought the game with them in the early twentieth century. It is now played often on live casino UK. It is also known as big and small or hi-lo. Sic bo directly translates as “precious dice” and is a game of pure chance played by using three dice.

The English versions of this game on live casino UK are grand hazard and chuck-a-luck. The only other live casino UK game using dice only is craps. As a casino game of chance, every roll of the dice determines a win or lose. When playing live sic bo, you place your bets on your chosen areas of the marked-out table.

The dealer has a little box that the dice are kept in. They close and shakes the box before opening it to reveal the combination on the dice. Different bets garner different pay-outs.

Live Monopoly

Live casino UK monopoly is really good old traditional entertainment for the British market, especially since most players will have played the offline version at one point or another in their lives. It’s easy to play and would appeal to all types of players.

The betting values give you a good chance of bleeding the rich old man dry! Your aim is to guess at which section the spinning wheel will stop. The wheel itself is divided into 54 equal sections, separated by pinions. In 48 of the sections, you will find the numbers 1,2,5, and 10 and each section is a different colour. The other 6 sections are divided into 2 ‘chance’ sections, 3 ‘2 rolls and 1 ‘4 roll sections.

The live croupier spins the supersize wheel which stands vertically not horizontally. The winning point is at the top of the vertical wheel. You can place your bets on the 1,2,5,10.’2 roll’ and ‘4 roll’ sections only. If the wheel stops spinning when your chosen section is at the top of the wheel then that is how you win!

If the wheel pointer stops on a ‘chance’ section, you get a super valuable chance card that can get you a cash prize or a multiplier bonus that goes up to 10 times! If that does happen, the bets you placed that round, remain as they are placed.

Live Lightning Dice

Yet another user-friendly game that offers you more buzz for your money and that you can find on quite a few of the best live casino UK sites. Live lightning requires you to take a shot in the dark and guess the value of 3 dice.

What makes this game significant is again, the multiplier. If you manage to hit it, you multiply your bet. Any number of players can join in at the same time and a single round takes approximately 50 seconds. When you first play, you have the option to bet on 16 separate values. When you have placed your bets, the croupier will put the 3 dice on top of the lightning tower and the lightning multipliers will flash on one or more of the betting numbers.

Hopefully, these multipliers will have landed on the numbers you placed your chips on. The croupier then drags down a bar allowing the dice at the top of the tower, to fall. As they fall down the tower, they navigate through a series of booby-traps which keep the game rounds arbitrary and fair for all the players.

Exclusive live dealer tables

By definition, exclusive, in this case, means limited to a certain party, therefore, live table games that can only be found at a certain live casino. These are tables that have been designed and made exclusively available on the specific online casino through ownership, game selection and licensing. They buy the rights to offer streaming and gameplay rights for these tables.

It is another way of staying relevant and competitive in the live casino market. They are a means through which casinos draw in players because they know that the casino games they offer cannot be found elsewhere as they are branded. In some cases, bigger casinos also have private tables. Due to the nature of these live casino dealer tables, they offer higher table limits coupled with the private gaming environment and married well with an immersive, yet realistic experience.

Customer care is also essential to the whole gaming experience as well as having top class croupiers. Some examples of exclusive live dealer tables include LeoVegas Live Celebrity Blackjack party, William Hill Live Macau VIP Blackjack and 888’s Elite lounge.

Devices used to play live casino games


Desktops are preferred by many players as the larger monitors provide better viewing, provide better security while also allowing you to run concurrent games at the same time using the same platform. Include your Wifi and you’ve got a winning combination. Since the best live casino online relies on streaming, it is important to have a device that is capable of handling this demand without causing interruptions to your game session. If there is a downside to desktop gaming, it is that the PC is not portable. Because they are large, you will be restricted to a designated play area.


Playing a live casino UK game on your mobile phone is synonymous to breathing. That is also why developers have created live casino android software upgrades as live casino players require more mobility when playing casino games. With the integration of HTML5 in graphics, it has become increasingly important for live casino UK platforms to stay updated and current.

The flexibility that mobile phones offer in terms of location is the high attraction for live casino android games creators. Your smartphone is your home away from home and being able to install, login and play as your chosen live casino is the optimal solution. They also offer privacy due to the screen size. Some online mobile casinos even offer free mobile casino no deposit offers when you sign up!

If you are using your smartphone in areas that do not have chargers, such as a park, then it’s best to always carry a power bank. Another point is to consider how much data your gameplay will consume if you aren’t piggyback riding on the free Wifi from Costa or Starbucks.


Tablets are as popular as smartphones solely because they have larger screens and are also portable, making it easy to play games offered by the live casino UK. However, they are still a slightly different interface and therefore, software developers have considered this. But, the simplicity of being able to install the casino app for mobile play, does make using your tablet attractive.

It is worth noting that not all live casino games are mobile-friendly, so the selection is likely to be limited based on the casino. Another downside to using your tablet is if you are not at home, you are most likely going to have to tether mobile data which can cause interruptions to your live casino gameplay, especially if you are in an area with h+ and not 4G reception.

The tech behind live dealer casinos

As long as the live feed is smooth and the live dealers are friendly, most players aren’t bothered by the type of technology that drives their live dealer blackjack and roulette games. If anything goes awry, however, such knowledge enables you to accurately interpret the symptoms and map out the best way to go on enjoying live dealer games. For example, you may wonder why the video feed on your mobile phone sometimes looks scratchy. You may even wonder how the game results show ,on your screen, so quickly when the live dealer doesn’t enter any details anywhere. Well, these are some of the intriguing details of live online roulette gaming that our team revel in sharing.

Every time you play live roulette online, the live dealers and croupiers are the workhorses that keep the fun going. Live dealers should have pleasant, sociable characters and be well-conversant with the game rules. They should also be fluent in multiple languages and be able to match the pace of the game with customer moods and needs. The best live casinos also have clear card shoes and shufflers that ensure that there’s always a fresh stack of cards. Cameras and other recording equipment are also vital to the quality of the video stream on which players watch live roulette and other games. Besides showing close-up action and wide angles, cameras may also be used to scan cards. You may even be allowed to manually shift between different camera angles. To play live poker on slower internet connections, players may also lower the video resolution.

Different sensors, scanners, and software work in tandem to ensure that game outcomes instantly reflect on your screen and account balance. Instead of having the love dealer handle every aspect of the game, sensors detect various aspects of the game and the game control unit determines if you’ve won. Depending on the live dealers casino, you may either find RFID or OCR scanners.  The last piece of the puzzle is the player interface, which is what you see when you play live blackjack and other games. The player interface also allows players to view game stats and communicate with the live dealer.  

Where are live dealer studios located?

It is no secret that games played in a live casino are filmed and streamed from a brick and mortar location. As part of the augmented reality experience, software developers have to work from specific, often specially designed casinos. Evolution Gaming, for example, has live dealer studios in Canada, Latvia and Malta, while Playtech’s games are filmed in their Romanian studio.

Besides friendly dealers and interesting games, live dealer studies have to speak the players’ language. Online casinos are not only limited to the UK and players don’t only speak English and this is taken into consideration by the industry especially when localisation is being considered. This is also the B2B aspect of live casinos, as they have to rely on more than merely providing stable HD quality streaming for the games, but need to show they are using registered, reliable and award-winning software developers.

Live Dealer Software Providers

You would be hard-pressed to find a live casino today that does not use sophisticated streaming software. Superior graphics and reliable software enhance the reality and engagement of each game. As the online casino industry grows, so do the various game software providers.

However, the most prominent and respected will always pop up, not only for the software they produce for the live casino industry but also for the other types of casino games they create including slots, bingo and scratchcards online.

Evolution Gaming – Most recognised for their selection of games and live dealer tables, Evolution Gaming has been an industry leader in the live casino UK market for over a decade now. Their blackjack game is notable for its additional features like side bets, pre-decision and bets behind. Their Party Blackjack Live is a very popular and a unique table offers players low stakes and more entertainment. Check out our blackjack section, where you will be able to find a casino that offer free blackjack game play at Evolution based casinos.

Playtech – One of the avant-garde companies when it comes to online gambling, Playtech has recently launched software for live dealer casino gaming. Players and casinos we not disappointed when their software proved to support a user-friendly interface with their live games as well as having an innate design. In particular, their video streaming is excellent and their pro dealers will welcome you and interact with you and other players, naturally and without artifice. Playtech also has a solid selection of free slot machines with bonus rounds!

NetEnt – This company is showing massive growth in popularity on live casino UK sites since it launched in 2013. They too offer a good number of blackjack variations. The live dealers are notable for their charisma and cordial interaction with players. Currently, NetEnt only offers blackjack and roulette but the superior HD quality of their live streaming and their unique offering of the dealer’s last 10 hands gives them the edge for players looking for superlative gaming action. NetEnt are also one of the most popular slots developer on the market, and their games are featured at all the best slot sites. Check out our page for free spins no deposit uk 2022, where you can find plenty of offers at NetEnt powered casinos.

Extreme Live Gaming – This company specialises in roulette. They offer innovated variety in their Book of Ra Roulette and lady Luck Roulette. Even though they are newcomers to the live casino software stage they are proving to be well up to the challenge. Their blackjack tables give players options such as betting behind and multi-seat. The latter allows players to sit at more than one table, and in essence, personalise their playtime.

Play strategy and etiquette for live casinos games

Movies and other Twitch streamers are great influencers when it comes to live casino high roller tables. However, most players are not flush and cannot afford to inject thousands of pounds into their gambling pastime. Know your budget and choose a live casino UK table with a starting bet that is on par with this. There is no point playing a £1 min bet table that only gives you 10 turns when you can opt for a 20p one that offers at least 100 turns.


Sitting down to enjoy a game or two on a live casino comes with perks. Mainly, you do not have to dress up to the nines and could be in your birthday suit, if you fancy. While you have this freedom to be in a live casino at home, this does not give you the license to start acting the fool.

Chat respect when playing with others is expected. Imagine how unprofessional it would be, if the live casino UK dealer started throwing expletives here and there? Chances are social media would have a digital riot on their hands. When players troll the platform or act childish during chats with host and fellow player it becomes annoying. So be nice, be supportive or don’t engage in chat, at all!

Go easy on the drinks

Drinking while playing on a live casino can seem like a good judgement call. However, alcohol often impairs your ability to make good decisions. Let’s face it, can you ever say that you are proud of everything you did after a night on a bender?

It’s in your best interest to keep drinks and your gambling as two separate entities. This way you avoid frustrations caused by lapsed concentration and preventable loses. Enjoy the welcome, share in the frolics and avoid being a pain to the dealer.

Start with the basics

TRable games are bit different to other games, as many of them require a little bit of strategy to get the best chances of winning. If you’re a complete beginner, it might be better to start off with something a bit less complicated, such as free slots online or scratch cards. Scratch cards are maybe not the most popular types of games on the market, but they still offer plenty of excitement if you play the right ones. We have gathered a list of the best scratch cards to win on UK, in our Scratch section.

Advantages of live dealer games

The upswing in the popularity of live casino UK games is an indication that the advantages are what attract players to this platform. As live online casino games have a human dealer, the gameplay is more true to life. The game itself includes real aspects such as the table, wheel and cards. The entire atmosphere is like that of a real casino and is reinforced by the social aspect facilitated through live chats and player interaction.

Players who prefer virtual based atmospheres are drawn to the real time aspect, especially since they do not have to commute to and from a casino. Furthermore, live dealer games can be played on various devices. Online live casino gaming is now fully portable and can be accessed from anywhere.

A live casino uses numerous HD cameras and tight security to provide you with an uninterrupted video feed of the game. The players themselves can adjust the quality of the feed if they experience a weak internet connection, by selecting a low-resolution option.

There are specialised promotions and bonuses offered solely to live casino players and stake minimums have a budget-friendly range. The music or vocal interaction can be turned off, especially if find these to be a distraction. It beats wearing in-ear noise-cancelling headphones, just to have a semblance of calm.

Disadvantages of live dealer games

For players who aren’t all too keen on casino games, live casino tables could prove to be a deterrent. This is especially true if you are not a fan of playing roulette, poker, baccarat or craps. Another con of live dealer games is the speed with which betting takes place. You are not given enough time to think through your bets before the red ‘bets closed’ tab flashes.

For those who prefer taking their time and applying specific strategies are likely to find a live casino too fast and furious. During peak times, games can be slowed by high traffic volumes and the dealer response is not always guaranteed as they try to chat with too many players at one time.

Sometimes software updates have to be performed and leading players to leave their favourite table and use another. High resolution and updated devices are required to avoid having buffing or missed live casino game results. Some players report missing the sheer exhilaration when winners react to their good fortune at a land casino. The highly charged atmosphere and good cheers can be missed as the live dealer stage is international and can produce many winners at one time.